Monday, October 7, 2013


The Complete and Total Loser saw the movie Gravity today. It was good. Kind to his middle-aged bladder as it was short, not one of those two-and-a-half-hour comic book movies. 
About the only technical error that interfered with the plot is when George Clooney was hanging on to Sandra Bullock by a lifeline and said he had to let go. It was treated as if there were a continuing force being exerted on him, pulling him away. 
That wouldn't happen in space. In space even a small woman could pull a man all over with just a tug. 
Most of the dialogue is over radio. George Clooney's voice is just the voice you'd want to hear if you were in space with a suit running out of oxygen and you needed someone to tell you what to do.
3D movie glasses

Bullock was fine, but it would've been better if they had found someone new who no one's ever seen before. It's hard to explain why, but it would've been. 
(There are scenes, by the way, in which Bullock is wearing just a shirt and shorts. She looks great. Why don't more 49-year-old women eat right and exercise? Sure, not everyone has as much time to do so as she does, but when the Loser looks around at most women that age he thinks, holy shit, do they do nothing but eat?)
The Loser saw the movie in an Imax theater in 3D. He's not supposed to like that, a man his age. He's supposed to sniff at it and call it a gimmick. But he doesn't. He likes it. There's this part where Bullock's crying and a tear floats away from her toward the camera, toward the viewer. The camera focuses on the tear. It was moving. 

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