Sunday, May 22, 2016


right knee of loser showing staples
The Loser's right knee.
The Complete and Total Loser turned 58 this week. He feels it. His aching knee is giving him trouble, and today he'll be on his feet at his crap retail job for eight hours. He'll do the usual—take three aspirin, wrap a knee brace around his crippled limb—but still. He'll get back to the house at ten and want to drink to alleviate the pain. It doesn't do that, booze, but it makes the pain seem like a joke of sorts and more bearable.


  1. You are indeed a loser, my boy, both inside and out!

  2. taking three aspirins a day doesn't seem healthy

  3. True, three aspirins may be many, but perhaps it will burn a hole in the Loser's stomach, hasten his demise and we'll be done with the silly twit!

  4. I am pretty certain there is a way to delete the hateful troll posts from this British twit.