Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Loser, losing again

box of old photographs
Someday all that will be left of the Loser will be trash.
The Complete and Total Loser's humble aspiration is to be a proofreader. It would be a safe job to see him through his late fifties to his retirement years, a job that would require little if any interaction with others.
On Tuesday, the Loser met with a woman who hires proofreaders for temporary assignments. She interviewed him and gave him a test. The test was moronically simple. It consisted of laid-out ad copy for a Filofax like product. The corrected copy was provided to compare it to and make corrections as needed. Think of that; the Loser was given the answers
And yet, he got an email from the woman today saying that he missed twenty-five errors (which in proofreading means he made as many) and that was "more than we like to see." She politely said that if any assignments came up that she felt he was suitable for she'd get in touch. 
In other words, goodbye forever, Loser

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