Friday, October 2, 2015

Adult play

The Complete and Total Loser's home city newspaper has an article today about a woman the Loser met several years ago but hadn't heard about since. 
woman in wheelchair in art gallery

She is thirty-five years old and having a successful career in the arts. The article also talked about a fund-raising lacrosse tournament held in her name. The funds go to people who, like her, are disabled. 
What the article didn't describe was the accident that damaged her spine fifteen years ago when she was twenty and a college athlete. 
She was sledding in a park.
The Loser remembers that sort of thing from his own college years. Taking food trays from the dining hall and belly flopping on a nearby slope. He and other students got a rush from rediscovering a childhood thrill doing something they hadn't done for a decade. 
It turns out, though, that maybe sledding is best left to children, with their light bodies and rubbery spines. This woman took a bump too hard and landed wrong and now ... she'll be in a wheelchair forever.
Was the sledding that much fun? Probably not. 

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