Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Not busy

Zosia Mamet
Zosia Mamet, an actor.
The Complete and Total Loser hasn't been up to much lately. In fact, he would almost describe himself as retired, even though he's not. But at 57 and with no skills, what can he do besides spend his inheritance until Social Security kicks in? Everyone says not to take it at 62, but that applies to people who work, not the Loser, who doesn't plan to live very long anyway.

On Sundays, the Loser has dinner in a diner with a friend who's in similar circumstances but is working part time. They like the waitress they usually have, who reminds the Loser of Zosia Mamet. Here, she is showing off her four-month-old nephew in this picture. Four months old. Imagine being born in 2015! The things that boy will see!
waitress and baby nephew
A waitress in a diner shows off her infant nephew.

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  1. I say, dear chap, the resemblance is striking indeed!