Monday, October 20, 2014

Bad Trip

As he writes this, the Complete and Total Loser is on a bad trip.
Not one caused by drugs he's taken. The drugs are in his mind. 
Earlier today he met with an ex-coworker and ate lunch. He went to his local library, where he took the picture seen here, then home. He changed and went for a bike ride. 
During the bike ride, he experienced exercise-induced déjà vu  which he often does when he's let his aerobic fitness slide a little. Don't try looking up exercised-induced déjà vu; the Loser is the only one who's ever experienced it, to his knowledge. He's asked his doctor about it and searched on the Web. It only exist with him.
After the ride, the déjà vu changed. Not changed, entirely, but something was added to it and that something is ill-feeling and profound sadness. and it's been coming and going in strong waves for the past hour or so, even though the Loser showered and took a nap. 
The feeling is not so powerfully bad that the Loser wants to seek medical aid, but it's the kind of feeling that makes him wish he were dead, now, and that he's sure he'll feel as he draws his last breaths. 
Not fun.
He'd go on longer, but the Loser is certain that he's written this exact post before, even though he knows empirically that he hasn't.
barack and michelle obama
President Obama gazes at his wife, Michelle.

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