Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mini Stroke?

Did the Complete and Total Loser have a small stroke the other day?
During a bike ride he had a strong case of exercise-induced déjà vu, but he often does when doing aerobic activity above a certain level. This time, however, it developed into something he still can't describe in words except to say it was déjà vu combined with extreme despair, both mixed and coming in waves. 
It was horrible and the Loser still, two days later, feels as though he's just getting over a case of the flu. 
He's done little of the necessary work he needs to do to start his business and is indulging himself in the comforting, childish things he goes to when he feels entitled. Watching Star Trek episodes on Amazon Prime. Sleeping. Eating creamy, hot, fattening food. 
Today, he may buy gum drops. 

Jolene Blalock topless

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