Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How Not to Give a Ted Talk

One of the Complete and Total Loser's favorite websites is wimp.com. They present just five videos a day they site found to be the most interesting. What few ads they have are unobtrusive. There's no nudity or profanity so you don't have to worry about someone at home or work looking over your shoulder. Mercifully, there are no comments, so whatever feeling you may get from what you've seen isn't cancelled out by some beer-fueled, lonely man whose primary use of the Internet is to try to make others hate life as much as he does. The site is clean and rarely glitchy. 
The only time the Loser isn't happy with it is when he clicks on a video and it turns out to be a Ted Talk
Ted Talks can be great, but most of Wimp's videos are short and Ted Talks run long. They're given in dark auditoriums with current presentation methods. The deliverers dress cool and are talking to rooms full of successful, middle-age people. (Audience cutaways are often of grey heads nodding in agreement or chuckling knowingly.)
But that's not the Loser's biggest problem with them. Who care's who else appreciates advice or insight if what they say is good? What the Loser dislikes most is how padded the talks are with attempts at humor. The presenters too often channel their inner stand-up comedian. It's painful to watch. The Loser, being a loser, dislikes seeing that kind of failure.
Train travelers, mostly college students heading back to their campuses, wait for a regional train to arrive.

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