Sunday, January 13, 2013

Conspiracy Kids

Two of the young uns at work are conspiracy believers. They know things the rest of us don't about 9/11, the J.F.K. assassination, U.F.O.s ... 
The Complete and Total Loser, over twice there age, finds this cute. They are unshakeable in their beliefs. They admit it's fun to believe what they do and that their knowledge is more belief than knowledge yet they see no contradiction in this. The Loser politely notes things like why is it that despite the existence of hundreds of millions of cameras and the taking of billions of more photos and videos each year reports of U.F.O.s are lower than they were two decades ago? They mumble something about notes and books they have that offer proof, which is based on eyewitnesses, i.e., not proof at all. 
The ultimate thing the Loser says to them is this: "When I was your age," he says, "I believed just what you do now."
The Loser says this and he can see the sound travel to them. It swirls through the air, vibrating molecules the way sound does. It reaches their eardrums and goes in them and then bounces out, unheard. 

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