Sunday, November 18, 2012

Last Date

The Complete and Total Loser had what will very likely be his last date last night. 
He met her on a free dating site and, due to distance and conflicting schedules, they communicated extensively via email before meeting. 
A nice woman. Smart. A college professor, as a matter of fact, with tenure no less. 
But why did she describe her body type as "average" when she easily outweighs the Loser, who at 175 is closer to average for a male of his height? 
It's awful, but as he's said before, the Loser cannot get physically attracted to heavy women. Believe me, he's tried and it led to nothing but anger, hurt feelings and tears. No thanks. There are men who like big women. Lots of them. So why aren't women more honest about putting their weight in their profiles? 
The Loser is bald and short (5'9") and he understands and has no hard feelings toward women who want men who are six feet tall and have great hair. Yet he knows that if he says in his profile that he's only interested in women shorter and thirty pounds lighter than he is he'll hear no end of how he's a superficial, sexist pig.
Women can meet the Loser's not-so-strict standards easily. Eat less, exercise more. You don't need to be a jock like the comely runner below, who the Loser saw earlier today. But really, when your waist is larger than your chest, it's time to focus on limiting the amount of crap you put in your body, don't you think?
attractive female runner
A runner makes sure her shorts fit well before running.


  1. That certainly is a comely runner, B. Truly delicious.. And you're right about "being honest" on profiles. People delude themselves and of course deceive others- it's a big waste of time.. Don't give up, but don't try too hard, either. I think a more relaxed approach to meeting women may produce better results. But I'm no expert, that's for sure.. Cheers!

  2. Yeah, you can meet two women a month offline or six online. The odds per woman online are better, but the numbers negate that. I'll never understand it ...