Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In a Mood

It's autumn. 
The diminishing sunlight affects the Complete and Total Loser more than he knows. Today, while grocery shopping, he wanted to cry. No reason. He was thinking about how he'd shopped for his ailing parents last fall, just before their back-to-back deaths, but that's true all the time. 
He raked some leaves the past two days, his days off. He ate too much. He slept, he watched TV, he looked at naked women on the Internet. He drank beer.
He's done nothing unusual, and nothing unusual has happened to him. A woman he took out to dinner made it clear that there would be no more dinners, but that's not unusual, and this woman was not a serious love interest.
It's the season that brings on this cafard and makes the Loser see negative things, like an evil, mocking face in a discount (four for $1.99) blueberry turnover. 
tart looks like gremlin
The head of a decapitated gremlin frightens Keira Knightly.

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