Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Loser Had a Date

The Complete and Total Loser had a date last night -- his first in years -- and it went surprisingly well. Nice woman, nice looking, funny. She chose the restaurant, which was more expensive than the Loser usually frequents (French, and the waitress was French; he should have paid in Euros), but he can swing it these days. 
Years ago, it was common for strangers to sniff flowers worn by young girls.
He remembered to smile, to listen to her when she talked and to mirror her body language, like the advice books say (what they don't say is how do you do that when her body language is unmistakably feminine and you want to maintain your maleness?).  
They spent three hours together and there were no awkward pauses. Few, anyway, and none stuck. They even lightly kissed each others' cheeks when parting.
The Loser was home in time to watch the last half hour of the debate.
Wish the Loser luck on this. There's an outside chance it may work out and he may stop whining for once in his life.
The economy is still bad enough that even people who spend much money on hair care have to share beverages when on dates.


  1. If you were to translate the "outside chance" to a percentage, what might it be? Hope everything works out to your liking!

  2. It's looking slimmer by the moment as I've heard little from her since our dinner. Less than 50 percent. Still, the night was good and I felt good for awhile. It was nice to feel that way again, however briefly.

  3. Are YOU making overtures or are you waiting for her? We have some longstanding traditions that won't be changing anytime soon. However, I like the ideas of gals calling to ask guys for dates. Why not?

  4. Very hard, deciding if to call or not. The level of game playing should be zero, but it never is, is it? I've sent a few texts and they've been answered nicely but briefly. She may be genuinely busy, but who knows? It's too early to grandstand, I do know that, so I will play it cool. Or try to.

  5. Your remark about the game playing- correct- totally unavoidable. I guess the goal is to keep it at a minimum.. I wish you the best..
    p.s. Will you share your blog with her at some point?

  6. Minimum, yeah, but how much is that?
    Share this with her? As Seinfeld would say, Not bloody likely!

  7. Well, you do what works best for you. But I think this writing is part of who you are and was meant to be shared with others. She may love it!