Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Loser Nearly Had a Date!

Once week a season the Complete and Total Loser reactivates a free account he has on a dating site because the change in seasons makes his sap rise and you never know, his friends tell him.
And that week leads only to rejection and frustration, much like he experienced in real life when he still met single women who were age appropriate. 
This time, he nearly got a date out of it after some onsite messaging. Then she did something awful.
She read the Loser's profile.
The Loser, you see, rewrote his profile, making it honest. The fool.
Tomorrow, instead of dinning with a woman, the Complete and Total Loser will be watching a dull presidential debate in what is the dullest election he can remember.
And the woman? She'll probably be eating by herself, too.


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