Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Loser's Thanksgiving

Most people he knows would rather be doing something else today. 
The women are doing the cooking (Still! In 2011!) and the men are going because the women are making them.
The Complete and Total Loser is doing what he wants. When he turned 50 a few years ago he decided to slip off the shackles of tradition that require such days to be observed so he spends them solo, eating a simple meal, snoozing and reading. Soon, he'll visit his father in the rehabilitation facility he's been in since a mild stroke led to a fall last week. He will stay in his father's and late mother's house. He has a book to read, a Netflix movie to watch, and laundry to do. It's gotten chilly and he's dialed the thermostat up to 70. 
The Loser's father eats institutional food for Thanksgiving. 

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