Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mixed Feelings

elederly woman on telephone
An elderly woman talks on a cordless telephone.
The demented old woman who called the Complete and Total Loser incessantly for over a year died on Christmas Day of last year, 2015. She was 92.
She'd been calling the Loser for nearly two years in the belief that he was her father, who had died many years ago, of course, with whom the Loser shared both first and last name. The calls were occasional and entertaining at first, but as time passed and her dementia worsened, they became more and more frequent, often over twenty a day. No matter what the Loser said, she would forget it and call again, usually within minutes. 
Last fall, the Loser finally looked up the man who's name appeared on the caller ID, sent him a polite email explaining the situation, and the calls stopped. 
Now the Loser feels guilty for robbing an old woman of what seemed to be the only purpose she had in life. 
Then again, she was a pain in the ass.

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