Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Makes sense

The Complete and Total Loser read a letter referring to the Germanwings air crash, caused deliberately by the suicidal co-pilot. The letter noted that there are drones being flown by pilots on the other side of the planet, and that future planes should have that technology. If they did and went markedly off course, a drone pilot could take over the controls. 
antique aviation gauge

It's a short step from there to have the plane flown without a pilot at all, which some Airbus pilots would tell you they nearly are already. 
There will always be someone onboard who knows how to fly, however, unless human instinct changes drastically. A change to that degree is unlikely in the time the Loser, who is in his late fifties now, has left. There will be someone in the cockpit for the rest of the Loser's life, if only to tap on the gauges, like people do in movies.

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