Monday, April 6, 2015

In the seats

The Complete and Total Loser went with a friend to see Fast Furious 7. They went to a 12:30 showing to avoid crowds, and saw it in one of the smaller theaters of five at the multiplex. They can do this because they've both been unemployed for a long time, having been laid off by the same institution.

The movie was—oh, you know what it was. That's not the point. 
As the lights dimmed, the Loser and his friend saw an older man come in carrying a clipboard. He sat near them. 
movie theater concessions stand
A concessions stand at a large movie theater.

Great, they thought. A troubled loner of some sort is going to sit nearby. At any time he may start ranting about the end times or contrails or something.
The previews started. In case you haven't been to a movie lately, you should know that previews run a full twenty-five minutes.
The man sat quietly, making notes on his clipboard. After the previews, he got up and left. 
"He must," the Loser said to his friend, "check to see that they were all shown."
The Loser and his friend envied the man and wondered how to get a job like that.

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  1. I say, that would be a most splendid form of employment, eh what?