Saturday, April 11, 2015

At the zoo

It is 1962 and the Complete and Total Loser is at the zoo. His father, aka "Daddy," holds the Loser, then four, over a large tortoise while the Loser's mother, aka "Mommy," takes a photograph. The Loser cries, his father stops, but one of the Loser's shoes has fallen off. His father steps over the fence and retrieves it. 
aldabra tortoise
An Aldabra tortoise munches grass on a spring day.

On Tuesday, April 7, 2015, the Loser is again at the zoo after a nearly forty-year gap. He dislikes zoos on principal, but is there with a friend and her two children, who are three and one. He sees the enclosure of tortoises. The oldest one there is named Bubba, an Aldabra tortoise (so named after the atoll from which he was kidnapped), and has been at the zoo since 1947, meaning he was there when the Loser was there with his family. Bubba was too busy eating grass to acknowledge the Loser, which he finds rude of him.

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