Monday, January 26, 2015

Fraternity Girls

The women in this picture were in a fraternity at the University of Pennsylvania in 1906. Yes, a fraternity. That's what they called them back then, even when they were made up of only women. 
The woman in the chair may have been the president of the fraternity and if so, she was the Complete and Total Loser's grandmother. 
The Loser scanned the photo in and had to use stitching software as it was a large photo and his scanner is standard sized. He's using it for his desktop background at the moment, and he's developed an interest in the woman in dark clothes to the viewer's left of the seated woman. 
University of Pennsylvania fraternity 1906
Why, the Loser wonders, is she wearing dark clothes? And why is her head not angled fully at the camera lens, like the other women? If the Loser had to guess, she became a demanding school teacher after college. A teacher who ran a strict classroom and spurred her elementary school students into mastering fully the foundations of math and English. After they graduated, a student or two would seek her out to thank her for making them learn fundamentals that later served them well and be surprised to find this tiny woman, not quite five feet tall, behind a big desk in their old classroom, preparing the next day's lessons.
The Loser also likes the woman seated on the bottom left. She looks like she'd be a good friend, sincere and funny.
All these women died of old age decades ago. 

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