Tuesday, September 2, 2014

ISIL and the Loser

The Complete and Total Loser put himself through graduate school to be a journalist and worked as one for five years before failing miserably at it, as he has in everything else in life. 
Hearing the news today that another journalist was murdered by the idiotic savages purporting to have a god on their side, however, the Loser can't help but think that if he'd been successful, it could have been him.
(By the way, have you noticed that it's freelancers getting killed? That's because they're paid so little that they have to take risks journalists employed by large news organizations don't. You don't see any of the big name people really getting out there. They phone it in from air-conditioned bureaus, shower regularly, and eat in restaurants. Cowards. 
The Loser's respect and sympathy go to the family of Steven J. Sotloff, as well as to the man himself.)
"Steven J. Sotloff" ISIS murder victim
Steven J. Sotloff, about to be murdered by a complete and total asshole.

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