Friday, August 8, 2014

Unemployed Men

Yesterday, Thursday, the Complete and Total Loser went to the service station a friend a friend had dropped his car off at for its annual state inspection.
The two ate breakfast in a diner and the friend talked about family events since his mother died a few weeks ago. The Loser and his friend were laid off from the same job just before that. 
They joked about how it's been days since either had been up and about at that hour. They went to various stores and looked for Blu-ray discs that were on sale. They went to a mall and strolled with mothers, old people, and kids off for the summer. Around noon, they went to a coffee shop and talked about the ins and outs of filing for unemployment compensation and how to keep records of the jobs for which you've applied. 
It's all still restful, the Loser's time off, and his friend is grateful to have days to can sell things and figure out how to settle his mother's estate. 
In time, days of meandering will become soul-crushing. The Loser knows this, and dreads the future even while he's trying to get his own business going and remaining positive about it.
Boys on chairs in shopping mall
Three boys use coin-operated massage chairs to take a break from a busy day at a shopping mall.

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