Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Car Accident

The Complete and Total Loser was just in a car accident. Very minor, in a parking lot. Her fault, of course. The Loser was waiting for a car to back out to get its space and she backed into me, despite my honking the horn and shouting. "I have four kids in the car," she said, after the Loser said, "What were you, on a cell phone?" She apologized but the Loser was still mad. 
Big SUV, so of course looking out the back wouldn't have mattered (don't they all have cameras back there now?) but all she had to do would be to look out the side mirror and there was the Loser. Idiot. 
Not to judge, but the four times the Loser has been in accidents, they've all been the other person's fault and the other person was a woman. But not to judge. 
Cracked driver's side mirror housing, scratch on door. Sore knuckle on left hand from punching her car from driver's seat. 
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