Friday, August 15, 2014

Nonsense about the moon

There are those who still think a full moon causes odd behavior. Rubbish, of course. First off, the moon is always "full" whether or not it's at an angle which reflects a maximum amount of light from it to Earth. Hell, it's even full during the day! It's all there, with the same tug of gravity. 
Second, there is no weird quality to the reflected light of the moon that drives sane people mad. The only correlation the Complete and Total Loser's ever read of has been that when the moon is bright, people outdoors feel a little friskier because they can see better, so they'll go charging over lawns, skinny dip, spend more time outside and start fistfights. 
In the Loser's part of the world summer is much cooler than usual. It's mid-August, but it feels like New England around Labor Day. And though the Loser is in the polluted Northeast, the skies have been clear.
Earth's moon
This is a picture of the moon the Loser took last night. Clearly, it is made of cheese.

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