Saturday, August 16, 2014

Loser of the Week Award, 8/10--8/16

This week the Complete and Total Loser gives his Loser of the Week to Harry S. Dent Jr., president of the H.S. Dent Foundation. The Loser came across a audio version of The Great Depression Ahead, a book he wrote in 2009 in the dollar bin at his local public library. 
Harry S. Dent
Harry S. Dent, loser.

Dent's predictions were:
  • Stock prices start to crash again between mid-to-late 2009 into late 2010, and likely finally bottom around mid 2012--between Dow 3,800 and 4,500.
  • The economy enters a deeper depression between mid 2010 and early 2011, likely extending off and on into late 2012 or mid 2013.
  • Asian markets may bottom by late 2010, along with health care, and be the first great buy opportunities in stocks.
All wrong. Keep up the good work, Harry!
Harry S. Dent audiobook

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