Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Lawn Mower

Was it late October? Probably. That would have been the last time The Complete and Total Loser mowed his lawn. He put the mower, a Honda push mower he bought used on Craigslist last spring, back in the garage where it spent the long and severe winter months dripping out the remainder of its fuel. The last time it ran it ran unevenly, wheezing. The Loser will have it tuned up when the small mechanic's shop he can walk it to reopens next week. He filled it this morning just to see if he showed any signs of life. He bent and unbent his right arm a few times and said to himself, "Get ready to pull this chord a hundred times!" 
He pulled once.
It started.
The grass, if you can call it that, was abandoned-house long. Not anymore. 
To reward himself, the Loser went to Trader Joe's where he bought a food wrap and a container of carrot juice that he took to the park and ate while watching others exercise, like the mothers in the photo below.
Two mothers push strollers as they run in Valley Forge National Park.

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