Friday, November 8, 2013

His inappropriate crush

There are women and there are women. Most of them are the same. Then there are the two out of a hundred who enter your psyche and stick. You know you'll never have them and it hurts, almost physically. You also know that the guy who gets them will be some big, aggressive, insensitive dick who's too dumb to see their quality, and you know, further, that that's why the girl picks them. 
Richard Gere Julia Roberts

You can work at getting them but it's like grabbing something slippery; the tighter the grip, the faster it leaves you. Then someone who doesn't care whether he gets it or not just reaches out and takes it with a soft clasp.
The lead singer in this video makes The Complete and Total Loser remember his youth and those women. She's not the prettiest of the women singing, though she's up there. But she has a life force and a charisma that comes out at you, through the shitty lens used to record the video and from an auditorium at a tiny liberal arts college in central Ohio. See how all the others are wearing heels? Not her. Doesn't need them. She's fine with her body and how her legs look. And she smiles as she sings. I love that.

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