Sunday, June 23, 2013

To Our Beloved Queen

Your Majesty, layer of eggs, giver of life to us all, she who must never be without food and care, she who commands respect and love from her loyal subjects, we beseech you to hear our news of great worth!
We, your humble servants, have found in our tireless search for food to please Her Highness a source of nourishment never known to us, we who were the victors in the war against the Ants that Aren't Us, defenders of our knowing, beautiful and fertile Queen!
This food is of great quantity and is in one place. It is accessible to us yet protected from invaders by a substance both smooth and hard. It is easy for us to digest and transport with our lowly mandibles to your Royal Chambers. It is good to taste and we pray that it will please you, the One Who is Seated for All Time.
The scent trails are established and the food and trails are protected from foul weather as both are inside the Great Structure. 
We shall endeavor to provide you with as much of this food from the heavens as our tiny bodies can can carry, in great haste. 
With Eternal Love and Devotion, we remain,
Your Lowly yet Loyal Subjects

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  1. Eat up you little queen bitch, destroyer of my sanity!