Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No Winter

Although much of the U.S. received heavy snow the past three months, the eastern third of the Complete and Total Loser's mid-Atlantic state never got more than a dusting, enough to panic elderly shoppers and get out the salt trucks, but never more than a wet-shoe nuisance.
That makes two seasons in a row of hard ground or mud. 
This should be all right with the Loser. He is, after all, getting old, and with his bad leg he falls easily and hard on slick surfaces. But the Loser misses that one annual blizzard that shuts everything down and excuses him from work, gives him free exercise shoveling, and lets him stay indoors alone without his lack of friends being the reason. A good book, a hot drink, black skies and blue shadows on the ground. The Loser misses the way gravity uses snow to paint and sculpt, reshaping the landscape, kabuki makeup over blemished roads and brown lawns.
Snow gives the Loser a respite from daily life.
By the end of this century snow will be rare, maybe even in places like this. But by the middle of this century the Complete and Total Loser will have been dead and forgotten for years.

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  1. You are welcome to regard yourself as a complete and total loser. I think some humor along with some sadness can be reworked and channeled into life changing success and joy. You may not see it-- but it's really right in front of you (more in private correspondence)..