Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Iraq + 10

No one ever listens to the Complete and Total Loser, but if they had in 2003 thousands more Americans and Iraqis would be alive today.
He knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that Saddam Hussein had no intention or desire to attack the west. The Loser also knew that the September 11 terrorist were not Iraqi but, for the most part, Saudis, and that the two nations are discrete entities. He could tell from the overheated rhetoric ("we don't want the smoking gun to come in the form of a mushroom cloud"), motivation (the son finishes what his father didn't by capturing Hussein), and the timing (well positioned for the '04 election campaign) were all suspect. 
You look at this man's face for two seconds and know he's clueless about everything.
The Loser also wasn't surprised that the press, as much as they disliked G.W. Bush, played cheerleader for the Iraq invasion. The internet had begun to nibble at print journalism's fatty flanks, and nothing sells newspapers better than bold headlines of war news. And what young reporter who's never experienced war doesn't see himself (they're still usually a he) as a dashing war correspondent, making his bones filing reports wearing body armor? A war, they think, will snap me out of this deadline-driven complacency. It'll give me a chance to be another Norman Mailer, Tim O'brien, Mark Bowden, Karl Marlantes or even -- dare he say it aloud? -- Hemingway ...
The whole thing was ginned up, fake, and lots of people who had access to rafters they should have been shouting it from failed to utter a peep.
The Loser knew it right away. But as he said, no one ever listens to the Complete and Total Loser.

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