Friday, March 22, 2013

If it is a fix up try, it's likely the last.

A friend invited the Complete and Total Loser to her and her husband's house for dinner next week. But not just him. She invited a woman she knows too. 
This never happens to the Loser, and he's not sure that's what's happening now; she may just want to have friends for dinner, and the Loser has yet to see her house. She is, however, a romantic and a little mad about some things, in nice ways, usually. 
People don't try to match up the Loser and it makes perfect sense to him. If he were in a position to match someone up, he'd want, if not love to blossom, the people involved to at least feel a little flattered by the attempt. 
The pitch between his friend and the other woman would go like this:
Well, he's not very tall, five nine, and he is bald. He's cripple too and wears a funny shoe people laugh at. He didn't do well in the workplace and makes a third of what the average man his age makes. Oh, and he's never had a serious relationship or even a girlfriend.
He'd be perfect for you!
Not flattering, right?


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