Saturday, November 24, 2012

Two Observations, Unconnected to Eath Other

The Complete and Total Loser buried the fourth dead koi of the five the fish pond tender killed earlier this week. One fish remains. It may pull through. The observation is this: We should all bury dead things we cared for, even if we didn't care about them. Back in the Loser's youth, this is how it was always done. Your dog or cat was dying, you took it to a vet. It was euthanized. You put the body in the car and drove it home to bury it in your suburban back yard. You might wrap it in a blanket it liked to sleep on. Now they cremate it and give you the ashes. At least, they say it's your animal's ashes. Too easy. Take the animal home and bury it, even if doing so isn't legal where you live. Even if it's a Great Dane.


The Loser has tried dating lately. He's awful at it and has next to nothing to offer in the first place. He joined a free dating site. Often, after a few emails, the women simply tell him they're not interested in meeting him, and good luck! The Loser has no idea what it was he said or didn't say, and he no longer cares. It no longer upsets him. It only baffles him.
He's learned this about women his age, which is middle: The overweight ones, which he just can't get romantically interested in (they've got to be lighter than he is, just as few women will go out with men shorter than they are) are very smart and kind. The thin ones are crazy.

thin woman fat woman

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