Sunday, November 11, 2012

Perfection Again

When he sees the perfect woman he wants to approach her and take his chances, even though he's over three decades older than she is and they'd have nothing in common. He, the Complete and Total Loser, has to remind himself that the pains in his joints isn't from a recent workout but from old age and arthritis and that all she'd see of him is a sagging face older, probably, than her dad's. 
He is ridiculous, the Loser, but for a few seconds when he sees these perfect women, which in his case have a soft, calm, thoughtful quality, the years vanish and he's college age again and all women are viable candidates for partners. Of course, that wasn't true for him then anymore than it is now, and when he sees these women, in stores, on train platforms, at libraries, it causes him almost physical pain knowing that he'll never have someone like them in his life, that the only possible interaction would be if she asked him for directions, or if he were blocking her path and she said "excuse me" before walking away, to be seen only once.
pretty girl in store

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