Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What you will say in 2022

Hate Obamacare? Very well. But change is coming and however flawed it is Obamacare will improved the trajectory of an unsustainable system. This change frightens you and you don't like the person who is causing it. He's not like you and he has a funny name. ("Roberts.")
But here is how you and all of those furious people will begin sentences about healthcare a decade from now when asked how you felt about it in 2012:
I had my doubts ...
Look at any positive change in history (voting rights for women, Social Security, integration, Medicare, environmental regulation) and ten years later the people who opposed it -- throwing bombs, marching, shouting angry slogans, chaining themselves to fences -- take a new, mild view of how they reacted at the time to the changes that scared them so. Rather than admit they were ready to kill or die to prevent those changes they say, mildly, as if they were wise and thoughtful, "I had my doubts."
I had my doubts, but letting women vote was a good idea.
I had my doubts, but it's good that the elderly don't have to die in poverty anymore.
And so on. They said that, and so will you.
You will also say, often, that you "don't like how it was done." People will press you on the specifics of that and you won't be able to come up with anything more than, "I just don't."
You watch. This will happen.

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