Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Dad's Deader Than Your Dad

Was the Complete and Total Loser's father a loser too? Is loserdom in your genes or is it something you achieve? 
Hard to say.

The Loser's father, who died six months ago at ninety-one. 
  • His high school yearbook said his ambition was to "live dangerously and write about it," but he stayed stateside during World War II
  • He wrote, for a living afterward, but it was public relations copy for corporations
  • Millions who saw war died doing so
  • Few who love to write make a living as writers
There's more:
  • The Loser's father married successfully and had three sons who grew up in turbulent times (60s, 70s) without succumbing to addition, contracting disease, having children out of wedlock or committing crimes; none has spent a night in jail, as far as the Loser knows, and none has been destitute. 
  • The grandchildren total was just four but all are thriving.
His only failure was his youngest son, the Loser, the gimp who never married or had much of a career. But parents have their blinders. Sometimes they can't see the good their children do. To the end, the Loser's father saw the Loser as a bright young man with a promising future, even though the Loser was 53 years old with his best days far behind him. 
Thanks for that, Dad.
The Loser's father when young.

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