Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The Complete and Total Loser is the one on the right. The other boy is his brother, two years his senior.
Consider this: They are on a rock on a Massachusetts beach, about 50 yards from the beach club, which prohibits eating on its premises. Their mother, who is taking the picture, is young and healthy at age 36. She can still flirt her way out of speeding tickets. Their eldest brother, a bully who loves to tease, is at a summer camp many miles away. Their father, a gentle, kind, fun man (but there are always those Oedipal/attention issues) us in their home city even farther away than the evil big brother, where he toils to support his family. They have their mom all to themselves. They are new to this vacation spot and not New Englanders, so the social scene is not yet a part of their milieu. They are happy with the simple pleasures of each others' company, the sun, the sea, the sand. The food is simple. Egg salad sandwiches, Fritos and a Coke, probably. In these circumstances, on a day like this, it's the perfect meal. Summer is a long thing. The agony of school is in a remote future. 
Consider this: This may be the best day of their lives, yet they have no knowledge of it. Amazing.
boys on rock

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