Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Computer Tips for All

  • You don't need to put "www" in any address line. That's been true for over a decade.
  • It's never been a backslash. That's an old DOS thing. It's a forward slash. But because it's always been that, just say "slash" when giving urls.
  • You don't need to put the when accessing your email account. In fact, the only email I know of where you do have to put in your entire address is hotmail. Hotmail is run by MicroSoft. Say no more.
  • When you want to change a word and you've highlighted it, you don't need to hit the delete key. Just type the word you want to change it to.
  • Do not put two spaces after periods. That's an old courier typing rule. Everything now is word processed and the proper spacing from the period to the start of the following word is automated. Don't space inside parenthesis. Do space outside. ( Looks dumb. ) (Looks smart.) One space after a comma.
Many of you will say these are fussy things and keep doing things the way you've been doing them. Go ahead, if you must, but remember that over the years you will make thousands and thousands of unnecessary keystrokes. And you'll look like idiots to the young. 
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