Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Day for the Loser

Sometimes his camera sits in his left front pocket for days without taking a single shot, spurned and ignored but for its weight. Today, the Complete and Total Loser took several photographs. 
The first was of the alien he's mentioned before, the man who fills crossword puzzles with odd circles instead of letters, yet seems to be following the clues. This time it was on the morning train. Again, it was the quiet car, so the Loser didn't ask him what he was doing. That would have been impolite and awkward anyway.
Later, there was a small fire in the kitchen of the 85-year-old building the Loser works in, so the building was evacuated. He, his coworkers and many members of the public spent several happy minutes in an early spring day's unseasonable warmth. 
The Loser dined with a woman, a friend he doesn't know well but seems to get along with. As they parted, the woman bumped into a friend who asked her to join her and her dharma group's gathering to watch their monk dump the sand used in a recent mandala into the city's river. The woman invited the Loser to join them, but he's not part of that group so he sought high ground and photographed the event instead. (The bike in the center is the woman's.)

dharma group by river
A dharma group watches their monk pour sand used in a recent mandala into a river.
Shortly afterward, the Loser headed for his train home. He encountered a protest that seemed to be designed to draw attention to the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager shot to death by a townwatch participant. The Loser is a failed journalist. During his reporting days he often attended news events where he saw newscasters for television:
A newscaster and her protege interview a protester.
He also would see camera operators get background images and color for the story:
man playing trombone
A television camera operator shoots video of a man playing a plastic trombone at a rally on behalf of Trayvon Martin.

And keeping an eye on many public gatherings are the police, of course:
Philadelphia police officer
A police officer keeps an eye on an orderly gathering, just in case.
After this, the Loser boarded his train and napped on the way to the suburbs.

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