Monday, October 3, 2011

The Wall Street Takeover

Like many losers, The Complete and Total Loser would like to see a societal upheaval of some sort. A zombie apocalypse, an alien invasion, an asteroid strike -- such things would be fine with him. He fantasizes that somehow the lack of skills he has to succeed in the world will morph into skills that will help him survive in a speculative fiction future. Really, though, he knows that he would be among the first on the zombie menu, the first to be vaporized by a spaceship's ray gun and the first to freeze and starve to death in a nuclear winter.
The Loser knows nothing will come of the current activity in Lower Manhattan. The rich are too rich and have their hooks in the politicians, who control the police and the military, and also control the media, which knows where its money comes from. As for bypassing the media with the Internet, nice idea but it won't happen. You need slick production values and, these days, a heart warming story line of some sort to hold anyone's attention for longer than a few weeks. Any changes in how we live now will occur in small, dull increments. Drat.

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