Friday, October 7, 2011

Remember "The Secret"?

Remember the book "The Secret"? It sold millions of copies, was made into a popular DVD, had all sorts of testimonials to its powers and then ... faded away. The photo below is of a copy in a library bookstore in The Complete and Total Loser's city. (It's been sitting there for days.) Books there are only $2 and $3 (for hardbacks) because there are many more books than readers.
Back to The Secret." If so many people bought it and it worked, why are more people than ever having such bad times? The Loser knows why: It's because New Age, feel good, positive thinking things don't work in the long run. For ever one person you find who says something like this book changed their lives for the better, you'll find a hundred who did what that person did without success. But watch. The ideas in The Secret, itself a repackaging of old ideas, will be tweaked and retitled and be a best seller to a new generation of losers a decade or so from now. Maybe sooner.

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