Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Europe's Economic Problems Explained

He is not and never been a foodie, but the Complete and Total Loser does know that food is vital to others for reasons other than the Loser's, which is to stay alive. 
With this knowledge, if you can call it that, the Loser is able to explain Europe's current problems. 
  • The non-food problem is that the currency is for all, but they're not sharing the same policies.
  • The countries failing are ones that value food and good times. They love to have long meals and will go home for three hours to eat lunch. Lunch! The Loser gobbles down half a sandwich in twenty minutes.
  • Because they spend so much time on food preparation and dining, they don't work hard, making their entire countries unproductive.
  • When an entire country has a problem, it structures itself to hide this. Men in many Arab countries, for example, have the sexual attitudes of 12-year-old boys. This embarrasses them so they blame women and make them wear bulky, all covering clothes. In the case of the European nations facing economic insolvency, they've structured their economies to cover up their love of food and their penchant for sleeping 11 hours a day. This is being unveiled as the interconnectedness of the European Community ripens. 
  • The countries in which people work hard have awful food. England, Germany, others. France is the one exception to this finding of the The Loser's, but they're fueled by nuclear energy, cigarettes, strong coffee and passion.

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