Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some Music (Not a poem)

It surprises the Complete and Total Loser how much sentiment, the mawkish kind, music can bring out in him. At times it makes him fear he'll develop an attachment to soft, pink things, calendars with kittens wearing clothes, sad movies. 
The video online by the Slovenian singing group, Perpetuum Jazzile, for example. It's getting some attention because they create a rain and thunderstorm effect. But that's a poor imitation of the real thing, the Loser thinks. He likes the song. No, he likes the singers. The 70s style and pastel colors the men wear. The unabashed femininity of the women. The way the man doing the boombox looks like Seinfeld. You take one look at them and though they sing in English that passes for native you know at once they're not American but from a country where people are more often kind than not to each other (yes, I know Slovenia's history, but there are differences when considering daily interaction). 
It warms the Loser's hard, aging heart.

Perpetuum Jazzile

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