Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Loser, early this morning

Three a.m. The Complete and Total Loser senses her in bed next to him. She's come from the bed she was sleeping on previously in the room across the hall. He pats her on the shoulder and goes back to sleep. The Loser wakes a half hour later and she's still there. He can hear her breathing, small puffs of air whooshing through nostrils and nasal cavities. He reaches over and touches her hair. He puts his hand on her stomach. She pushes it away. He puts it back. She lets it remain. The two return to sleep.
Four o'clock. She rouses. The Loser feels her movement under his hand and also wakes. She gets off the bed and exits the room, again, wordlessly.
The Loser hears her footsteps as she goes down the stairs. She is, he guesses, headed to see if there's food in her bowl, or to use the litter box.

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