Thursday, April 9, 2009

Something That Makes Us All Complete and Total Losers

Like many of his ilk, the Complete and Total Loser likes science fiction. It lets him escape into fantasy worlds in which his meaningless existence has meaning. Perhaps his life and only his is being studied covertly by an advanced civilization that will spare the Earth because they like the way he sings in the shower, or the nuances of care he shows when cleaning his bicycle.
Science fiction—often called speculative fiction these days by its fans—has also tipped the Loser off to possibilities he may not have considered without it.
One that intrigues him these days is the melding of brain and computer.
Inevitably, computers will be able to replicate exactly the human brain. Just as surely, the human brain will be able to be scanned in some way that will permit its electronic duplication. Hook the\at machine up to a voice synthesizer and camera and the Loser and everyone else would live again long after the body has expended itself.
By why stop there? Why not have elaborate computer generated worlds in which the Loser could live lives he's never dreamed of living, with all outcomes ones that leave him quivering with delight and hailed by many worlds.

Those computer programs will interact with others, just as the Loser will add things to his brain he lacked in life. Wisdom, talent, and IQ in the thousands. Of course after awhile the person he is won't be the person he is but an entirely different entity. And eventually, nirvana achieve many time over in this binary heaven, he will decide to simply switch his consciousness off, perhaps with a setting to awake it for a time a century or two later to see how certain things in the material world turned out.
Sadly, neither the Loser nor anyone reading this will witness these events. If you are alive today, you're just too damn old.

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