Monday, March 30, 2009

The Complete and Total Loser Sees Questionable Photographs

The Complete and Total Loser's flickr addiction has subsided but he still loves clicking on the reload button of home page and seeing what others are posting. He wishes that fewer people would use it to store every goddamn photo they take. There's little entertainment in twenty-five photographs of the same couple at a party, both with a red plastic cup of beer in hand.
Last night, a little thumbnail of flesh caught the Loser's eye. Golden, naked flesh. He clicked. The photos were of children, girls, from around age seven to fourteen. They weren't having sex, nor were they in sexual, come hither poses. They were more like photographs a parent might take of his own daughters at a nudist resort. But still.
The Loser, grateful that these photos did not arouse him, clicked elsewhere for a few minutes, then returned. The photos were gone. He clicked elsewhere again and returned again. The account had been deleted. Either justice or common sense prevailed swiftly on flickr.
infant wearing dress

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