Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Loser and His Ego

One sad thing about being the Complete and Total Loser is that while he knows what he is there are parts of him that don't fully accept it, even after a lifetime of experience.
fat man on train
An overweight man sits on a train.

So when he tells a new hire at work how to do something a little faster, which he's learned in the six years on his simple job, and the advice is ignored, it stings a little. Likewise with the lack of responses to his greetings from other employees he sees during the course of the workday. And earlier this evening, when a young man on the train who, not wanting to share a brief ride with the Loser, suggested he take a newly emptied seat, the Loser got a small thrill when a man as disgusting and old as he is, but fatter, sat next to the man after he'd taken the suggestion and moved.

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