Saturday, August 5, 2017

Watching the high jumpers

There are women on this planet who can jump over bars that are more than six feet off the ground. That amazes the Complete and Total Loser, and he's been watching them for many minutes at a time on YouTube lately. 
female high jumper blanka vlasic
High jumper Blanka Vlašić.

female high jumper
A female high jumper at the start of her attempt.
He doesn't know why he's drawn to this. It's not because the women are without exception attractive, with their long limbs, flat stomachs, and youth—there are pretty girls all over the internet. Is it their athleticism? If that's it, the men jump far higher. The Loser might like it because of the way they act. When they make the jump, they smile and are happy. (The men smile too, but with pumped fists.) 
blanka vlasic high jumper
Blanka Vlašić is 6' 4".

The Loser may also like it because he knows nothing about the sport. They convert forward motion into height without the in between step of crouching down to spring with the legs. They begin their run to the pole with an odd backward lean, like characters in a cartoon who are about to run, and take jaunty, long strides to the site of their leap. It's magic.
The Loser, an aging man with prostate cancer who had his knee replaced two months ago and can barely get out of his car now, may just like knowing there are healthy people out there whose bodies obey their brains.

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