Sunday, May 21, 2017

Carly & Jack, 2052

Jack: What year was it that Uncle Complete and Total Loser died?
Carly: God, Uncle Complete and Total Loser. I haven't thought about him in ages. Hang on, I'll access.
Jack: No, come on, try to wet brain it. 
Carly: OK. Uh, I think it was in 2016.
Jack: I think it was later than that.
Carly: Yeah?
Jack: Yeah, it was after my freshman year and your junior year. Remember we had to drive him around that summer to appointments?
Carly: Right. I would take him shopping. To supermarkets.
Jack: Supermarkets. Jesus.
Carly: Well that would've been in 2017, so ... I'm gonna verify with implant. Huh. Yeah, it was 2017 that we drove him around and he died in ... 2019. The middle of that November.
Jack: I don't remember going to the funeral.
Carly: There wasn't one, remember? We just had a get together at home and sort of melded it with Thanksgiving.
Jack: Oh yeah. Right. Huh.

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  1. Wow, you are really depressed. Not without good cause, but seriously, depression is ruining your life more than your medical problems. You seem financially secure, so WTF? go find a good therapist. There are some who specialize working with patients who have serious, chronic or terminal illness. (You also live in a big city, so you should have excellent access and choice of therapists.) I recommend a shrink over a psychologist or LSW, because a shrink is a real doctor and can get you the good meds.

    Your nephews (niece & nephew?) probably care about you more than you realize, especially if they drive you to doctor's appointments. Is there really nothing you could do with them or for them, that might benefit the relationship in both directions? help them with schoolwork or a hobby? take them to a football game? just take them out to lunch, and let them talk about their lives? Most young people would benefit a lot from simply having a mentor. Oh and BTW: don't totally buzzkill this by talking about your illness or how bad your life is. You are more than your illness or your bad luck. I'll bet somewhere in there, you actually have a sense of humor!