Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Buy lottery tickets

man buying lottery tickets from machine
A man buys lottery tickets from a machine in a Pennsylvania convenience store.
Buy lottery tickets. Not so many that you go broke, but buy them. You won't win, but buying them makes you think of winning. The Complete and Total Loser's guess is that anyone buying them these days will think of moving if he or she wins big. New Zealand's nice and their social structure is progressive. Also, it's about the healthiest country on earth—lots of people go to gyms and exercise regularly. They need more obese people like us Americans there to round things off. Maybe if there were more heavy people there they wouldn't have so many earthquakes. We fatties could weigh things down a bit.


  1. I'm shocked a loser like you hasn't spent his last shilling on said tickets!

  2. First off, Mr. Loser, I am sorry you seem to have a troll (above) ragging on you. You have enough troubles without a troll follower. Also he seems to be a British troll, which is doubly obnoxious.

    I'm adamantly against buying lotto tickets. It's a waste of money. You'd have more luck standing around waiting to be hit by lightning.

    If you have so much extra $$$ sitting around.....give it to charity.

    Also: New Zealand has some of the strictest immigration laws in the WORLD -- it's a tiny island with like 4.5 million residents -- and they don't want anyone who isn't educated, skilled, English-speaking, college degree, money in the bank (so you won't go on their welfare system) and oh yeah -- you can't be over 45. They don't want oldsters who will go straight onto their version of Social Security without paying into the system for years.

    Among the many things they reject immigrants over is obesity -- you can't immigrate there if you are fat. (However, they are NOT fit, and actually have high levels of obesity as do Australians! go figure!)

    The weather is better than Australia, though and the scenery is spectacular -- the Lord of the Rings films were shot there.

    If I had only a year to live, I'd put seeing Australia and New Zealand on my bucket list while I could still enjoy the trip. Just sayin'.