Monday, February 8, 2016

Mystery building

A future indoor skydiving facility
A future indoor skydiving facility.
One of the reasons the Complete and Total Loser failed in his attempt to be a working journalist was his lack of natural curiosity. That cropped up yesterday when he and a friend saw a building near the movie theater the two had seen a recent release (Hail, Caesar!: Not bad, not great; not worth a trip to the theater). It was an odd looking building and the Loser's friend was intent on finding out what it was. The Loser, while mildly curious, was just as happy not knowing. He'd find out soon enough, when it was completed and signs went up or its purpose became otherwise apparent. The friend drove over (they had met at the theater and used separate cars), the Loser followed. The friend asked some construction workers who were taking a break from working on a Sunday and they told her. The building will be for indoor skydiving. 

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