Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Loser is special

doctor's examining room
The examining room the Loser sat in today.
The Complete and Total Loser's knee hurts. It's slowing him down and making him lose sleep, and after a full day at his shit retail job it hurts more than usual for a solid day. He wants to get cortisone injections and had an appointment today to arrange that.
The doctor he saw—sharp guy, probably in his mid to late thirties—said he'd been in the joint business for fifteen years and that he showed the Loser's X-rays to an associate who'd been doing it for twice that and that neither had seen a knee like the Loser's.
For people like the Loser, who's never been exceptional at anything in any way, this is a point of pride.  
The injections begin in a week.

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